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Wen's Food Group Co., Ltd
China Agricultural University
Shixin International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd
Joint organizer:
Guangdong Pig Industry Association
Guangdong Poultry Industry Association
Guangdong Dairy Association
Guangdong Provincial Animal Health Products Association
Guangdong Provincial Association for Technical Exchange of Animal Epidemic Prevention
Co organizer:
National Modern Agriculture (Animal Husbandry and Seed Industry) Industrial Park
National Pig Breeding Engineering Technology Research Center
National Key Laboratory of Pig and Poultry Breeding
National Engineering Laboratory of Animal Breeding
National and local joint engineering research center for livestock and poultry breeding
Key Laboratory of Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas
Strategic alliance for technological innovation of livestock and poultry breeding industry
Hubei Pig Industry Association
Hubei Poultry Industry Association
Shandong Provincial Animal Husbandry Association
Sichuan Animal Husbandry Association
Chongqing Animal Husbandry Association
Hebei Animal Husbandry Association
China Pig Industry Innovation and Development Alliance
Beijing Shixin Xinghua International Consulting Co., Ltd
Wenshi Huinong Pig Technology Co., Ltd



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