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1.The principle of booth arrangement is "apply first, book first, pay first and then predetermine first". 
2.In order to rationalize and internationalize the overall arrangement of the exhibition, please fill in the application and contract form carefully and fax or mail it to the organizing committee with official seal.
3.The exhibitors shall pay the deposit, which is 50% of the exhibition fees within three valid working days after registration, otherwise the Organizing Committee of the conference has the right to adjust or cancel the booth, and the rest shall be paid before January 27, 2020;
4.If the exhibitors cancel the exhibition unilaterally without the approval of the organizing committee, the paid exhibition fee will not be refunded;
5. If the exhibitors transfer the booked booth without the approval of the organizing committee, we have right to cancel the participation qualification.
★ Note:In order to guarantee the whole exhibition image, the organizing committee has right to reserve or change the booth of some exhibitors.



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